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“Blue Hummingbird”
Mixed Media (inks, acrylic, oils) on paper
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This week was another deep dive into my personality and temperament this time using the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) Personality Assessment.  The Milan Art Institute has adapted DISC model to help determine an artists temperament when it comes laying down paint, choosing materials and overall process of painting.  

When I determined the factors that most represent me I discovered that the words that most describe me as a painter are slow, soft, still, simplicity which falls in the Steady category.  The words interesting and intuitive would also describe me which falls in the Influence category.  What this means for me as I create is that I work pretty slowly. My paintings will seem like they evolve and emerge.  I stay relatively indecisive as my painting moves along and don’t have a clear outcome at the beginning.  I sometimes agonize over decisions and am in somewhat of turmoil until I resolve whatever issues I have in a painting.  I am also intuitive in my process and enjoy variety in my style.  

The truly interesting part about all of this is that I already knew this about myself.  I could have told you that the above is how I work but I somehow thought that this isn’t how I should work.  I thought I should be able to paint faster and be more decisive.  What I didn’t realize is this is just who I am based on my temperament.  I now know that I will be much happier and more productive when I accept my process as an artist.

“Blue Hummingbird” is a great example of who I am as a painter.  I moved along with painting slowly.  I started working on this last week and didn’t have it finished in time for last week’s episode.  I had a general idea of the painting at the beginning, a hummingbird with a flower and green leaves.  The three darker flowers and the leaves on the vine about the bird’s head emerged based on patterns I saw in the underpainting.  I let the intuitive process guide me to these and the soft gentle background is something that I really enjoy creating.  

As I look at the painting now, there are things that I would correct but then I could probably keep going for a quite a while on this piece.  I choose to leave it here enjoy this piece and take all that I’ve learned on to the next painting. 

Of course, I did a deeper dive into the DISC Personality Model by finding a free profile assessment online at 123test.com.  You can find it here if you are interested.

Have a great weekend folks!

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