Look Beyond What You See


18″W x 24″H on acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang.

In room setting by @artroomsapp.  Size in room is approximate.  Please refer to dimensions above.

This piece is sold unframed but ready to hang. It will be shipped carefully packaged in mostly repurposed shipping materials.

​This item is an original work of art. Copyright owned by Sharon D Walker.



The center I once glimpsed is all around me,
a landscape I now live in, and I will not
pretend any more.

If those I love can’t recognize me
with my soul out in the open,
I will no longer retreat
and show what is familiar.”
—Mark Nepo

This is an intuitive abstract painting and a Covid 19 painting, meaning it was created during the midst of the stay at home order.  While the experience could be unsettling, to say the least, I was in the middle of a Gwen Fox Master Class so had a great group of women artists and painting to see me through.  I was careful to pay attention to not only what was taken away but what was gained during the quarantine period.  Families were able to spend time together, our beautiful Earth and nature around us began to respond to the less traffic and less pollution.  We humans were not as distracted and so, therefore, become very aware of what was truly going on in society around us.  We must keep the lesson of looking beyond what we see right in front of us to see what is beyond.




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