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This week is the first time since I started writing about my great art adventure that I wished I could skip the sharing, just for this week.  The focus this week is working with inks along with acrylic paint on paper.  I had intended to try to complete two pieces but I was unable to accomplish that, so I have one piece that I am not so happy with.  The first feeling that crops up for me is to not share at all.  This is what I would’ve done in the past before I made this commitment to myself to share a post each week.  Up until now in the program, I would usually have drawings and at least one painting so there was always something to share that I was happy with.  

Now that I only have one painting to share and I’m not completely happy with it, what do I do?  Well, I’m writing and sharing anyway.  I’ve named this piece “Birds of Paradise.” At this point in the program, I am able to choose my own sources.  Previously, I choose from a group of sources provided for me.  New also this week is the watercolor paper.  I’ve never worked on watercolor paper before and this brought it own set of challenges.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it has been a learning curve.

“Birds of Paradise” arose from an idea I have to use both of these elements in a larger painting so I decided to work on them on this piece. The end product is not quite what I had in mind, but I’ve worked on it enough to correct mistakes that were glaring to me.  Actually as I think of this now, this is really a study and not a finished piece.  

I do very much like the hummingbird though.  Hummingbirds are spectacular little creatures. Not only are they the smallest birds, they are the only birds that can fly backwards. They can flap their wings some 80 times per second, also more than any other bird.  Hummingbirds with their beautiful colors in a tiny package remind us to pay attention to the little things in life.

Also this week, I have been rearranging my studio to make it a more comfortable and inviting place for me to work. I swapped out a table for a counter height work bench making it easier to stand and work.  I brought in a loveseat so that I can sit comfortably when I need to take a break.  The last new additions will be storage for my canvases which have been piling up quickly and a storage cabinet rather than open shelves.

Next week, I’ll be delving into the study of archetypes and discovering my personal archetypes and how they come through in my work.  I’m excited to learn about this and share what comes of it.  Have a great weekend and see you next week.

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