last lesson of 2020


Happy New Year  Sharon! I wish for you a 2021 that is filled with all that makes your heart sing.

This is a short episode this week.  2020 had one last zinger for me.  A few days a go my laptop stopped working.  That’s right just wouldn’t turn on.  To say I’m a bit discombobulated is to put it mildly but I am soldiering on until my appointment with Apple.  I am very grateful however, that I can still get this done from my phone.  I think 2020 has been all about learning to do things in new ways.  I wait patiently and calmly (two more lessons of 2020) to see what 2021 has in store.

This week I’m sharing my last two paintings of 2020.  My completed self-portrait in oil and my yet unfinished final painting of the oil and drawing section of the program.   I am really enjoying working on this tiger and I am looking forward to finishing in the next few days.

Next week, I will share a bit more about the changes taking place in my studio when I hopefully have back the use of my laptop and it will be easier for my fingers to type and share more fully.  Until then enjoy baby 2021.

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