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I’m in a chat group on Instagram made up of artists that met in a Milan Art Institute Facebook group.  The main purpose of the group is to offer support by liking and commenting on each others posts.  This ups the chances that the post gets past the Instagram algorithm and will be seen and liked by more people.  As an artist, this is particularly important because we are not just showing our work but are hoping to sell as well.  The more people who see, the better the chances.  It seems however, that Instagram has gotten hip to this strategy of supporting one another and has changed the algorithm so likes and comments are now less important than they used to be.  Now what counts is to get your post shared or saved by a viewer.  This actually isn’t the point of why I’m telling you about this group though.

This week, one of the artists in the chat group posted a picture of her art and said that she knows she shouldn’t compare her work but her work to her own eyes seems childish to the work of others and wondered if it is sellable.  Out of the group of 30 three of us gave an answer and although we all approached it from slightly different angles, the responses were pretty much the same.

  1. Don’t compare! Nothing good comes from it unless you are comparing yourself to an older version of yourself or a self you are becoming.  In fact, there is no way to compare because you are totally unique.
  2. If you are loving what you are doing, just keep doing it.  You will get better with time.  That is guaranteed.

What great advice right?  And I think this advice holds true for absolutely anything one might think of doing.   

I also had Zoom a meeting this week with artists friends where we critique each others work.  We have these calls once a month and in addition to the critique it generally allows me to chat with people who are generally having the same experiences.  This week, rather than starting with sharing our work, we did more sharing about ourselves as artists and where we are in discovery of ourselves and our process.  It was a most endearing conversation for me and I came away feeling so grateful for the opportunity to offer support and be supported.  

And that brings me to you, the person reading this.  It is such a great support to me to have you read and I am always thrilled when I get a response by email.  If you enjoy reading my blog each week and seeing my art, please share and encourage others to sign up on my list if you can. This helps me have direct access to those who may be interested in my art especially when platforms like Instagram change its algorithm which affects how many see my work.

I have no finished work this week so below I’m sharing a short video of a work-in-progress.  Again, thanks for reading, have a great weekend and hope to see you next week.

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