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“Calling Forth Potential”
24″x36″, oil on wrapped canvas (3/4″ deep) is for sale.  

Before I share the current week’s assignment, I’d like to talk a little about my last assignment from the drawing and oil section. Last week I shared an in-progress photo.  Well, she is now completed.  I often find great significance in my work after it is completed as I have here.  At the outset, I chose to paint a tiger because the source document just seemed to speak to me.  As I sat staring at this piece wondering what I would call it, I had the feeling that the tiger was emerging towards me, saying “You Called?”  

This had me wondering the spiritual meaning of the tiger.  The tiger I found represents power, passion and conscious influence and if one wants to live up to their greatest potential they could adopt the tiger as their power animal.  It’s all making sense now.  My participation in this mastery program is all about reaching deep within and bringing forth all that I have to be the greatest, grandest version of myself as an artist.

For Sale
“In Full Feather” 
16″x20″ Mixed Media Oil on canvas

This is my first piece in mixed media and voice section of the mastery program.  I worked first in acrylic paint  and then finished with oilpaint.  It was a challenge to work with acrylics again and its quick drying time after working months with oil paint and getting used to the very slow drying time.  The rapid drying time of acrylic paint is the benefit here though because I only had to wait minutes to move on to a next layer rather than a day (or more).  The oil paint helps to give more depth and movement in the piece such as in the eye and plumage on the head.

I’m excited to work more in mixed media and I am hoping to loosen my style and become freer as the weeks progress.  Stay tuned!

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