Sharon D Walker

Sharing Adventures of the heART

Hello and Welcome to my website.

I'm so happy you're here!!

I am a believer that the heart for each one of us holds the wisdom of what is uniquely right for each one of us. In our world right now, we are in need more than ever individuals who are courageous enough to live from their heart. If you have made your way here, you believe this as well or you are on the journey to finding what is right for you. As you view my work, I hope you will find art that is peaceful, playful, provocative at times but most importantly art that speaks to your heart.

Artist Statement

I paint abstracts mostly and I paint from my heart utilizing palette knives, paint rollers, sponges and the occasional paint brush. In my work I favour mixed media. I use many layers and visual textures including marks, drips, paper and acrylics; and I finish with oils.

Abstract painting allows the observer to bring who they are to the painting and interpret what they see from their own experience. My desire is to touch and awaken their hearts to the knowledge and wisdom that is within.

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